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Detail4days LLC

Detail4days LLC is a mobile detailing service from Norwalk, CT. Detailing all sorts of vehicles across Fairfield County, CT! We are completely mobile offering car detailing services at the comfort of your home! Full details, ceramic coatings, polishing, headlight restorations, stain removal, & much more!

Tesla Model X Plaid - Exterior
Jeep Wrangler Interior
Ford Ranger - Front Left Wheel
BMW 6 series - Exterior

Our Services

 Maintenance Detail

Schedule our basic detail - Vacuum cleaning, pressure washing rubber mats (if any), wipe down of the entire interior with all purpose cleaner. Hand wash + spray wax, wheel cleaning, door jamb cleaning, window cleaning, tires dressed, & air fresh scent for $160.

First detail is charged at $160, future details are then discounted based on frequency.

- Weekly $60 Discount 
- Biweekly $40 Discount 
- Monthly $20 Discount

 Have a fleet of vehicles that need to be detailed?

Fleet vehicles comes in all different shapes and sizes but we here to help! Sedans, vans, trucks, sprinters, and more! Please call or text us at 475-459-5331 or email us - for quotes and more information!


Are you appointment only? How do I book a detail?

Are you insured?

Yes, appointment only is the best way to personally keep track of the customer's time and the day the service is taking place. Being appointment only is fair to each and every person who needs their vehicle detailed. Fill out the "Schedule Service" form and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours. To book us, call or text at 475-459-5331 or email us

Yes, we have a certificate of liability insurance. To define a COI, it's a document that proves we have general liability if an accident occurs.

Where are you located?

We reside in Norwalk, CT and we don't have a physical shop, we are completely mobile. We serve to all cities & towns in Fairfield County, CT and areas nearby such as New Haven County, Westchester County, and more. Services that are more than 15 miles from Norwalk, CT has to purchase a service or services that total to more than $300+ and will be charged $20 for travel. 


My car looks amazing - I don't even want to let anyone in it!


Brandon worked hard on my older Madza and it looks like a new car. He took out a ton of scratches and a did a great wax job. Definitely a great job and really easy to work with. 100% will use him again!


Brandon made my car clean and shiny. He's wonderful young man, friendly, hard-working, and very reasonable. If you want your car to look spectacular please give him a try! You'll be very happy with his work.


Thanks for submitting!

Schedule Service

DISCOUNT ALERT! Refer us to a friend and get 10% off your next basic or thorough detail with us!

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